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Time Doctor has grown beyond our wildest expectations, and today we've got more than 130 team members in forty-plus countries, enabling thousands of companies to ease their transition to remote, but this crazy growth didn't happen overnight. In fact, establishing legitimacy in a remote-unfriendly world was an uphill climb. Ten years ago, to start merchant and bank accounts, we had to set up a physical office—it seems like another world today. We still have that office, but nobody's ever been there. As Time Doctor began to grow internationally, the perception that a "real company" required "real employees" in a US or Western office proved to be an ongoing challenge. We battled racism, nationalism, and a general feeling that team-building around the world was somehow faking it.

To make matters worse, a lot of our peers saw remote-first companies like ours as a "lifestyle business," which was a nice way of saying "kids' stuff." (Tell that to Coinbase, WordPress, and Shopify!)

Still, our desire to stay untethered forced us to raise basic questions. From a business perspective, what was the difference between a worker in San Francisco and one in Mumbai, really? What did it matter if somebody got the job done in eight minutes or eight days?

As we grew, we learned to focus on results, and this deceptively simple shift in point of view itself yielded an incredible acceleration. We discovered that async work done right really works. Moreover, as you will see in this book, the Async Mindset provides a methodology that will revolutionize the majority of work in the future.

In time, we made it our mission to educate the world about the Async Mindset and the power of remote scalability. That's why we started the annual Running Remote conference, which educates business leaders on how to successfully run a remote business, with more than 11,000 attendees in 2020 alone. We bring in remote leaders from around the world and figure out how they build billion-dollar unicorns.

Best of all, the conferences have brought us close to a tiny cluster of people who have been operating businesses 100 percent remotely for decades. These remote pioneers are the women and men who have created some of the fastest-growing companies from all over the planet, including breakout unicorns and smash successes like WordPress, Coinbase, Shopify, Doist, GitLab, Hotjar, Vidyard, Conversio, Buffer, Product Hunt, FlexJobs, Fiverr, and many others. They are the primary voices in this book.

None of us went remote as a substitute. We weren't forced into it because of the pandemic or for any other reason. We run our companies utilizing the Async Mindset because we want to. We know with absolute certainty that it's the better, more productive, and more profitable way to go, and we're here to show you how.


The remote pioneers featured in this book come in all shapes and sizes, from all countries and walks of life. They've each fashioned a unique lifestyle to match their fierce independence, but the adventure they've been on is not really about lifestyle. It's about how they've all managed to create, build, oversee, and grow successful multimillion-dollar, all-remote companies so far ahead of the curve.

Actually, six of the founders we interviewed for this book are already running billion-dollar companies; let's not short-change them.

As a group, the remote pioneers are our long-term colleagues and compatriots, and together, we've encountered the challenges and obstacles that many people are facing for the first time as a result of the pandemic. Through painstaking trial and error, we discovered what works, what doesn't work, and how to turn what at first glance might seem like limitations into monstrous advantages.

When it comes to remote work, these people have been the guinea pigs, so you don't have to be. They know how to do it right.

In the extensive interviews we conducted for this book, one recurring fact knocked us out time and again. As different as the remote pioneers are as people, there's an uncanny similarity in the way they think and talk about remote work. Separately, they've all come to some jarringly similar conclusions about how to do it right. That's because, as all-remote entrepreneurs, they've lived the learning curve firsthand. Their time in the trenches taught them not just how to embrace the Async Mindset but 'how to avoid doing remote the wrong way.'

As each of these remote pioneers accepted and mastered a handful of fundamental tenets, working asynchronously fueled higher productivity, eliminated time-wasting meetings and treacherous commutes, and stripped away the ugly politics that often undermine the most talented of employees.


INTRO: The Async Mindset, the Async Method

The Spaceless Office: Mastering the Fundamentals

1. Lies We Learned in Silicon Valley
2. Deliberate Async Communication—Introverts Welcome
3. Democratized Workflow—The Power of Process
4. Detailed Metrics—Multidimensional Proof

The Timeless Team: Building Remote/Async Culture

5. The End of Cities
6. On-ramping the Remote Worker
7. The Perils of going Remote...for Companies in Transition
8. The Async Leader's Guide to Unmanagement

OUTRO: The Future Just Happened

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